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Cucumbers, vinegar, garlic & dill. You can’t go wrong with that combination! We have a whole range of pickles from spicy to sweet and packed with cool crisp flavor.

  • Habanero Chunk Pickles
  • Farmhouse Pickles
  • Whole Dill Pickles
  • Sweet Pickle Chips
  • Pepper Pickled Spears
  • Bread & Butter Pickles
  • Sweetfire (Bread & Butter & Jalapeno)
  • Pickled Eggs (Mild or Hot)

Pickled Vegetables

Pickling isn’t just for cucumbers. Vegetables stay crisp and fresh and take on great new flavors!

  • Pickled Garlic (Mild, Medium, Hot)
  • Pickled Asparagus
  • Dilled Green Beans
  • Pickled Okra
  • Pickled Brussels Sprouts
  • Pickled Beets
  • Pickled Carrots
  • Vegetable Medley
  • Green Tomato Pickles
  • Watermelon Rind Pickles

Other Canned Goods


  • Sauerkraut
  • Garlic Olives
  • Jalapeno Olives
  • Bleu Cheese Olives
  • Chow-Chow
  • Marinated Mushrooms
  • Marinated Artichokes


Great on burgers, brats, and hotdogs of course. Also great in tuna or egg salad sandwiches, or mixed with mayo as a tartar sauce.

  • Sweet Onion Relish
  • Corn Relish
  • Crushed Olives
  • Sweetfire Relish


We’ve got a full range of salsas from mild to spicy and savory to sweet. Classic salsas are great with chips but also fantastic as an addition to soups and chili, enchiladas, potato dishes, and marinades. Sweeter salsas like our mango salsas are also great on top of grilled chicken or fish.


  • Black Bean
  • Salsa Fresca
  • Loco Cheese
  • Apple Salsa
  • Peach Salsa


  • Mango-Lime Salsa
  • Fire Roasted Pepper
  • Queso Blanco
  • Serrano Salsa


  • Hot Avocado Salsa
  • Carolina Reaper Salsa
  • Ghost Chili Salsa
  • Habanero Salsa
  • Queso Extreme

Fruit Preserves

Our preserves are simple! Roughly chopped fruit boiled down with pure cane sugar and pectin. Sweet and flavorful on toast, english muffins, cookies, and peanut butter sandwiches.

  • Sweet but not SugaryStrawberry Rhubarb
  • Strawberry-Fig Preserves
  • Blackberry Preserves
  • Strawberry Preserves
  • Blueberry Preserves
  • Raspberry Preserves
  • Apricot Preserves
  • Cherry Preserves
  • Peach Preserves
  • Tomato Preserves
Fruit Butters

Fruit Butters

Fantastic on pancakes and toast, but also great with biscuits, graham crackers, crepes, or with some cream cheese on a bagel.

  • Apple Butter
  • Cherry Butter
  • Peach Butter
  • Sweet-Potato Pecan Butter
  • Pumpkin Butter
Fruit Cobblers

Fruit Cobbler

Open, heat, and eat! Serve over ice cream, granola, or just with a spoon. These cobblers are ready-to-eat with fruit and pastry cooked in the jar as they’re canned.

  • Cherry Cobbler
  • Peach Cobbler
  • Blackberry Cobbler


These are great on salads and as a veggie dip or sandwich spread.

  • Vine-Ripe Tomato
  • Raspberry Vinaigrette
  • Chipotle-Ranch Dressing
  • Cucumber Dill Dressing
  • Parmesan Peppercorn


These hors d’oeuvre jellies are great with crackers and cream cheese but also work wonderfully to add flavor to roasts and grilled meat.


  • Green Pepper Jalapeno Jelly
  • Peaches & Jalapeno Preserves
  • Blueberry & Jalapeno Jelly
  • Strawberry-Habanero Jelly

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